Protecting Your Fundamental Rights is Our Business

We Offer the Following Services

Commercial Transactions and Litigation

We represent business entities of all sizes across the Miami-Dade region in meeting their transactional and litigation needs. Whether helping businesses grow from formation to defending against lawsuits, we always put our business clients’ interests first.

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Criminal Defense

At Pinos Law, our mission is to do everything we can to protect our clients’ fundamental rights under the Florida and US Constitutions in mounting their best defense. We aggressively defend individuals in all misdemeanor investigations and charges.

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Immigration Law

Making sure that your legal immigration status is safe and secure has never been more important, and at Pinos Law we do it all. From assisting individuals, families, and businesses with visas to defending against removal proceedings, we serve clients nationwide.

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Personal Injury

If you or your business have been named in a personal injury lawsuit or are facing a potential suit, we can help. We will pursue your fundamental rights to justice in the Florida state and federal courts to defend your interests in all personal injury lawsuits..

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At Pinos Law, Asserting Your Rights is Our Business

Whether you are seeking legal services as an individual or a business entity, you are guaranteed certain fundamental rights under both the Florida state and United States Constitutions. At Pinos Law, our overriding mission is to do we everything we can on behalf of our clients to assert those rights and win the best outcomes in any legal challenge they face.

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